Sunnypol wins May 1st Labour Award Source: Release Time:2020/05/01

A symposium was held in Guangming on April 27 to award groups and individuals who won May 1st Labour Award, May 1st Labour Medal and Pioneer Worker Award of Guangming district. Sunnypol won the May 1st Labour Award and vice-general manager Yan Zhihao as company representative was invited to the symposium and accept the award .

Since the company established, Sunnypol emphasized on independent innovation and received important achievement in many fields of manufacturing technique, equipment improvement, quality control and product development, help to improve the industrial chain of flat panel display industry in China and promote our strengths and international competition abilities.

At the same time, Sunnypol also has a strong sense of social responsibility. From the early 2020, Sunnypol made great efforts for COVID-19 control and treatment and reopen businesses in an orderly fashion in observance of national policy to help to restore growth to Guangming economy.

The May 1st Labour Award shows Sunnypol is highly acknowledged by the district government. Inspired by this honor, we will certainly make greater contributions to the development of Guangming.